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Only 33% of Healthcare Professionals in South Africa Believe the Overall Health of South Africans is Positive

The local 2017 FHI results were released today at the Future of Health Summit 2017 in Johannesburg

Future Health Index commissioned by Philips reveals that South African’s perceptions of the current health system do not align with the realities. South Africans perceive that they have more access and greater integration of the healthcare system and better adoption of connected care technology, than they have in reality. The…

Royal Philips
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Cost is a significant barrier to healthcare in South Africa reveals the first Future Health Index released by Philips

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients indicate improving access to healthcare services as a core priority for local Government

The Future Health Index (FHI) provides a benchmark for a country’s perceived readiness to meet some of the key healthcare challenges emerging globally. South Africa is ranked eighth out of thirteen countries surveyed (receiving a score of 56.7 / 100) in a detailed international research study looking into differing levels…

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Philips demonstrates its commitment to creating a better, more sustainable future at the Africa Innovation Experience 2015

JJ van Dongen, CEO, Philips Africa, inaugurates the Philips Innovation Experience 2015 in Johannesburg

JJ van Dongen, CEO, Philips Africa, inaugurates the Philips Innovation Experience 2015 in Johannesburg, providing a glimpse into the future of healthcare and lighting Philips showcases solutions that will help people live a healthier life, innovations that will make care highly personalised and more widely available to those who need…